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Advertising guide

Whether it's online advertising you're looking for or details on placing an advert in one of our printed publications, you will find all the information here.

Phone book and business directory advert guide

Below is a list of the ad sizes available. Simply roll over the option name to see an example on the page.

Phone book page

Full page  190mm x 270mm

3/4 Page  190mm x 193mm

1/2 Page  190mm x 130mm

1/4 Page  190mm x 63mm

Double 1/2 Column 125mm x 130mm

Double Super 1/4 Column 125mm x 99mm

Double 1/4 Column 125mm x 63mm

Super 1/4 Column 60mm x 99mm

1/4 Column 60mm x 63mm

35mm Display 60mm x 35mm

20mm Display 60mm x 20mm