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Other Advertising Opportunities


Phonebox advertising

We have many telephone boxes available across the island that can promote your services and strengthen your brand awareness with a twist, as part of a wider marketing campaign. Some of our town centre telephone boxes are seen by desirable audiences every day.

Costing as little as £150 a week this really is a low cost, high impact channel of advertising that allows you to reach customers whilst they are out and about.

Online advertising

manx.net, directory.im and isleofman.com

One of the most popular online portals on the Island, manx.net features local and national news, sports updates and provides easy access to your Manx Telecom email. It receives more than 650,000 visits and 3 million page views every month, making banner advertising the perfect way to reach customers.

Our online directory directory.im also sits on the manx.net site and is simply a digital version of the printed book. It is an easy, simple way for your business to build an online presence in your local marketplace. We get over 74,000 page views a month. You have a variety of advertising opportunities to get your business noticed from an "MPU" animated advert to our priority listings, which will keep you ahead of your competition.

Please visit directory.im for more information.

Templated websites

Everyone needs a website, it is your virtual shop window. Be accessible to your customers anywhere, at any time on any device with a website from us. Starting from 5 pages upwards, ask our sales team for more information.